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    DOWNLOADABLE 3-part Video set. No physical product will be sent.

    This is also available as as a physical dvd from our sister site, On Target Publications.

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    Disc 2 | Disc 3

    What’s the difference between functional exercise and corrective exercise? Do you know? Stop right here for a sec and consider that. Can you give a confident answer?

    When Gray Cook called nearly a year ago to start the planning for this Key Functional Exercises You Should Know DVD, he asked me that question. As I heard him speaking, I instantly assumed after years of corrective exercise immersion, I’d have a good response. But as the words started coming out of my mouth, I quickly floundered and my answer fizzled to mush. After six or eight years of reading, self-practice and discovery, I didn’t have a solid answer.

    Many of us in our various backgrounds are using corrective exercise for fitness, sports performance and rehabilitation. As you think about that, you’ll realize the corrective exercise concept of improving movement dysfunction is standard, but those recipients are quite different.

    Are you skilled enough to recognize those differences and implement a similar but different solution to each target group? Better yet, can you make changes on the fly as you work with individual client needs, and as those needs change from week to week or workout to workout...or minute to minute?

    Tune in as Gray brings clarity to the corrective hierarchy. In this lecture, filmed live for DVD, he’ll explain the differences between functional and corrective exercise. He’ll provide the goals of both, and describe what each is best for and the challenges they present.

    "I have never seen anything like when Gray speaks -- He commands a room. You become captivated; the man knows his stuff inside and out. Gray is the KING of analogies and metaphors, making it much easier to truly understand how movement is key to performance and recovery."
    ~ Perry Nickelston, Stop Chasing Pain

    Then he gives us his top exercise choices, those Key Functional Exercises You Should Know, and teaches us the order to use them—and why. For each of the these, the chop & lift, the deadlift and the Turkish getup, he details his favorite variations, the verbal instructions he uses, then moves to live demonstration with on-the-fly corrections. This is followed by his commentary and a question-and-answer session.

    Certainly Gray spends a lot of time discussing the four specific exercises, but what he also does is use these key exercises as a wrapper for his most important functional and corrective tools. Yes, he gives detailed instructions on what to look for in exercise execution. But there's much more interwoven throughout: Why is this important?

    This is the question many trainers and corrective exercise specialists and enthusiasts forget to ask. The question shouldn't be if an exercise works; that's the easy answer most everyone already knows. The better questions are, how is it working and why would each individual need it.

    Gray will answer those questions for you in this dvd—those questions you didn't know to ask.

    As you watch your clients doing their corrective exercises today, do more than watch form. Ask yourself why you selected a particular exercise. What exactly is your goal for that exercise, for that person? Is it doing what you think it's doing? Is it doing the same thing for your first client as it's doing for the second?

    These are the type of questions Gray proposes—and then answers—in this thought-provoking lecture.

    Of course form is important. But it turns out, that's only the first step.

    Knowing quality form when you see it, and being able to offer the perceptive corrections to trigger righting responses is the foundation of what Gray will teach you in this lecture. Then he'll build on that to help you think through the deeper levels of how these exercises work, and why you'd use one exercise over another for each of your clients.

    A firm grasp of these concepts will help you make a bigger difference for your clients. And that makes for a fulfilling day at work.

    I’m constantly learning important tips from Gray, even though I'm not a trainer or practitioner. His lectures are packed with off-the-cuff gems, scattered with what for him are throwaway comments that stop me cold: Wow, so that's how that works!

    You’re going to be thrilled with your purchase. And, as always, we back that up with a 100% no-reason-needed money-back guarantee.

    This is a 3-file, digital download set, clocking in at just under three hours. It was filmed live at Perform Better in Long Beach, California, in August of 2012. All three digital files include a PDF of the workshop manual and a PDF of Gray's Powerpoint slides.

    The third digital file includes a beefed up Extras folder containing the following:

    • Pre-workshop Interview Clips
    • Workshop Manual PDF
    • Powerpoint Presentation PDF
    • Full Lecture Transcript PDF, edited, with photos
    • Full Lecture Audio MP3 file
    • Powerpoint Videos
    • 5 Excerpts from the book, Movement
    • 6 Free Lectures
    • 11 Typeset Gray Cook Articles

    Topics & Chapter Markers

    Disc File 1, 58 minutes (transcript pages 1-18), download file size 548MB *This order page*
    Introduction to Functional Exercise (16:16 minutes, page 1 of transcript)
    The Tim Ferriss Experiment (11:36 minutes, page 5 of transcript)
    Functional vs Corrective Exercise (9:33 minutes, page 9 of transcript)
    The Corrective Hierarchy (10:05 minutes, page 12 of transcript)
    What is Functional Exercise (3:47 minutes, page 15 of transcript)
    Quality Comes First (8:45 minutes, page 16 of transcript)

    Disc File 2, 57 minutes (transcript pages 18-36), download file size 510MB *Click to order*
    PNF, Chops & Lifts (9:20 minutes, page 18 of transcript)
    Chop & Lift Variations (13:09 minutes, page 20 of transcript)
    Live Chop Demonstration & Instruction (14:11 minutes, page 25 of transcript)
    Deadlift Variations (9:00 minutes, page 30 of transcript)
    Live Deadlift Demonstration & Instruction (7:25 minutes, page 33 of transcript)
    Deadlift Commentary (5:22 minutes, page 35 of transcript)

    Disc File 3, 45 minutes, plus 15 minutes of interview clips (transcript pages 36-47), download file size 1.29GB *Click to order*
    *This file includes the Extras folder with the lecture transcript, mp3 audio, free files and more*
    Turkish Getup Discussion (5:50 minutes, page 36 of transcript)
    Getup Variations (7:24 minutes, page 37 of transcript)
    Live Getup Demonstration & Instruction (17:28 minutes, page 38 of transcript)
    Lee Burton: Using the FMS Site Tools (5:13 minutes, page 44 of transcript)
    Gray Cook & Lee Burton Q&A (10:11 minutes, page 45 of transcript)
    Pre-workshop Interview Clips (15:36 minutes)

    This is also available as as a physical dvd from our sister site, On Target Publications.


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    5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 Gray Cook Key Functional Exercises Disc 1 to 3
    Reviewer: Sandra Voth

    Super information. I am so excited to get started on using these ideas on myself and then my patients. I would suggest watching all 3 discs. Very worthwhile to have the whole package at this price.